Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Allt-yr-yn Project

For my Final Major Project in my first year at University I did a project on the closure of one of the university campus', Allt-yr-yn (an area within Newport). I chose this because I wanted to document the last few months of it in use before it was sold to a housing company.
Before I first visited I already had in my head that I wanted to concentate on the people who work there, as the closure was going to concern them a lot. However, once I got to the campus it was the strange absence of people that struck me the most. What was once a bustling, noisy area full of staff and students was now a quiet, desolate place.
So for this reason I concentrated more on documenting the architecture that was soon to be demolished, and the packing up of all the stuff within the building, whether it was to be sold, moved or thrown away.
Here are a few images from the project. All were taken on a 6x6 Yashica Twin Lens.

All Images Copyright to Katrina Forey 2011

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